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"We Have Certainly Lost Our Hearts to Oman"

The whole trip was brilliant and Oman and the Omanis, an absolute pleasure. We really didn't know what to expect and I think that made the experience even more pleasurable... The real revelation, however, was the country itself: the mountains, wadis, desert etc. What a stunning country! The geology is remarkable. I have never seen anything quite like it. Plus I don't think I have ever realised how much difference even the smallest amount of water makes to a country which is otherwise rocks and sand! The contrast of the oceans of date palms and green terraces to the harsh rocks is so marked.

The itinerary was excellent. The days were full but there was such a good balance of different things to see and do each day that we never felt tired and there was always time to sit and relax wherever we went if we wanted to.

Your experience of a country depends so much on the person who shows it to you and we cannot speak highly enough of our driver/guide, Mohammed. He was with us for 6 whole days and quite literally thought of everything and, I am sure, added in some of his own suggestions. He was incredibly well organised and somehow always managed to get us everywhere at the perfect time without ever giving us deadlines, or making us feel hurried. When we enjoy somewhere, we can spend quite a lot of time exploring and we did this quite often, especially at Jabrin which we thought was fascinating. It never seemed to matter how long we were. I don't think we've ever had a guide who has managed time so well.

Mohammed was knowledgeable about everything from history to birds and flowers and was so hospitable that we soon felt as if we were travelling with a friend! We loved the fact that there was always a cool box of cold water on board and that he arranged picnics with food we had packaged up from restaurants en route. To sit on comfy picnic chairs in gorgeous, out-of-the-way wadis was such a pleasure. He even brought soap and water for hand washing and his courtesy gave us a real glimpse of the fabled hospitality of Arabia!

We have had a superb holiday and cannot thank you and your colleagues enough. We have certainly lost our hearts to Oman and are telling everyone what a marvellous place to visit it is.


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